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Solid State Carbon Metering Valves


Introducing the next level in carbon dosing. carbon2This fully electronic, solid state metering valve will give you enough control whether you have a 10 gallon tank, or a 3,000 gallon tank. With the adjustable flow valve, you can control how big of a bubble, and how often you would like to introduce it into your reactor. Also, included in this small footprint is a check valve internally mounted to prevent back-siphon into the Clippard Valve. This control box can be installed on any dual stage regulator you may be using that has a 1/4″ female port to screw into. All electronics are Con-formally coated to prevent corrosion and ensure long life. Any and all parts that have not been neglected or directly exposed to water carry a lifetime warranty.

Currently I am only shipping the Electronic Unit. But if you have configuration requests, or you have a particular dual stage regulator you would like to have assembled for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. This unit can be scaled to any size and be configured in any manner you wish. Ask about my Nema 4/4x Rating upgrades as well!


Price (Electronic Box, no regulator): $150.00 USD

Price (w/ MicroMatic Two Stage Regulator): $210.00 USD

Email me at to order!


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