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Some tips to ensure success with your biopellets

February 3rd, 2015 | Posted by stevenlund2 in Uncategorized
  • • Remove any BioBalls from your system.
  • • Ensure you have at least 1lb of “live rock” for each gallon of system water volume.
  • • Use High Grade pellets. There are some that have a lot of filler. I personally recommend Dr. Tim’s.
  • • Use Bacterial supplements to promote a healthy and diverse bacterial population:
    • ‣ Probidio
    • ‣ Korallen Zucht ZeoBak
    • ‣ Fauna Marine Bakto Blend
    • ‣ Fauna Marine Ultra Bak
  • • Adjust your reactor so that there is a GENTLE tumble but the pellets are not climbing into the water column of the reactor.
  • • Allow a new reactor 4-6 weeks to start achieving results in your system.
  • • Enjoy Nutrient Reduction Success!
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